Elements of Surprise Part One
Max Steel Reboot Elements of Surprise Part One
Season 1, Episode 13
Air Date TBA
Written By TBA
Directed By TBA
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Elements of Surprise Part One is the thirteenth episode of the Max Steel (2013 TV Series). In this episode, Miles Dredd shows Air Elementor, another Elementor, where N-Tek is located at, so he can bring Ultralinks and also to free the other Elementors. So Air Elementor goes after N-Tek and Max Steel and N-Tek cannot defeat him. Will N-Tek and Max Steel break wind, or will they be defeated by thin air? This episode was written by Matthew Drdek and directed by Logan McPherson & Trent Carlson. This episode was aired on August 17, 2013.


In this episode, a THI Ship is flying in the desert, containing a group of Dredd Naughts, Jason Naught, and Miles Dredd. Then Miles Dredd ordered Jason Naught to stop the Ship. Then the Ship landed and then Miles Dredd, Jason Naught, and a group of Dredd Naughts came out and of the Ship and then Jason said to Dredd that he was not going to come. Then Miles Dredd told Jason that he wants something that he has with him. Then Jason said that there was no sign of him. Then the floor was shaking. Then a sand storm came, which blew the Dredd Naughts and also Jason Naught. Then he was holding Miles Dredd, but Dredd was shaking Jason off and then Jason was blew inside the Airship and then the door locked, and his fingers were out. Then the sand storm was in fact, Air Elementor. Then Air Elementor asked Dredd want he (Dredd) wanted. Then Dredd told him that he didn't wanted nothing, he wanted to show him something. Then he showed a map to Air Elementor. Then Air Elementor asked him what was that. Then Miles Dredd told him that it was where Fire Elementor, Earth Elementor, and Water Elementor are being held at, N-Tek. Then Air Elementor formed into his wind form and then Miles Dredd told him to bring Fire Elementor, Earth Elementor, and Water Elementor, and also Ultra-Links from N-Tek. Then Miles Dredd gave Air Elementor the holographic map of where N-Tek was located. Then Miles Dredd warned Air Elementor that it won't be easy to enter N-Tek. Then Air Elementor told Miles Dredd that he has a plan, then he leaves. Then the door opened and then Jason came out. Then he asked Miles Dredd what happened. Then Dredd told him that he meant what would happen. Then Dredd told him that Max Steel will finally meet his match. Then Miles Dredd makes his evil laugh.

At N-Tek, Maxwell McGrath and Steel (Who were Max Steel in Turbo Base Mode) were in the Training Station, which was by Roberto 'Berto' Martinez. Max and Steel had to hit these holographic hexagons. Then Max Steel turned into Turbo Flight Mode and then he flew to a holographic hexagon that was on top of him. Then Berto told Max that he bought two tickets for a summer concert, and he asked Max if he wanted to go. Then Max said that he would like to go. Then Max Steel turned into Turbo Strength Mode and then he started hitting more holographic hexagons. Then he turned into Turbo Flight Mode to hit holographic hexagons, then he turned into his Turbo Base Mode and then he hit more holographic hexagons. Then Max Steel was turning from Turbo Flight Mode to Turbo Strength Mod to Turbo Base Mode, which made Max Steel tired. Then Berto came in and told them that they are too slow, that they need something more than Turbo Strength Mode and the others. Then Berto and Max decided to go skateboarding. Then they asked Steel if he wanted to go, but Steel told them that he has some unfinished businesses to do. Then Max and Berto left, skateboarding. Then the Training station's lights turned off. Then Steel left the room.

Steel was wondering at N-Tek, then he entered the N-Tek prison, where Fire Elementor, Earth Elementor, and Water Elementor were held at. Then The Elementors were surprised to see Steel again. Then Water Elementor asked Steel what he wanted. Then Steel told him that he wanted answers. Then Earth Elementor told Steel that they don't answer questions to anyone. Then Steel told him that he knows that he they are Ultralinks they him, but then he asked them what it means. Then Fire Elementor told him that he will later know in life. Then Water Elementor told Steel that when he finds out where he came from, he will not forget the manner. Then Water Elementor, Earth Elementor, and Fire Elementor were telling Steel to free them, and then that he will be part of their little brotherhood, because like what he said, he was one of them. Then N-Tek agents came and then surrounded Steel. Then he didn't knew who the intruder was, but then Commander Forge Ferrus told him that the intruder was him (Steel).

At Forge's office, Forge was explaining to Steel that he should had not entered the N-Tek Prison. Then he told him that it wasn't the first time he did it. He said that he had been sneaking on other things for weeks. Then Steel told Forge that because he wants answers that he would give him. Then Forge was upset of what Steel said, then Forge told Steel that he had said too much. Then Steel told him that he wanted to know more. Then Forge and Steel were fighting. Then there was a perimeter alarm. Then Berto and Max came and then they saw Steel and Forge, thinking they were going to kiss. Then Berto told Forge that a tornado is heading towards N-Tek, which appeared into thin air.

The tornado is getting closer to N-Tek. Then N-Tek agents, Forge, Jefferson Smith, Katherine 'Kat' Ryan, and Max Steel were going to get out. Kat informed Forge that the tornado isn't natural, that somebody caused it. Then N-Tek and Max Steel came out to see the tornado. Then Berto called Forge, informing him that the tornado are very strong. Then the tornado turned out to be Air Elementor, then Forge was surprised to see Air Elementor again. Then Air Elementor was also glad to see Forge again. Then Air Elementor attacked N-Tek with his powerful wind, blowing N-Tek Tanks and N-Tek agents. Then the N-Tek agents stood up and then Max Steel turned into Turbo Flight Mode. Then Max wanted to defeat Air Elementor, but he went through him. Then Air Elementor was glad to see Max Steel, which Miles Dredd might had told him of. Then Air Elementor attacked Max Steel. Then he tried it again, but he couldn't defeat him. Then Max Steel was getting defeated a lot of times when he realized that Air Elementor was the strongest and oldest of the Elementors. Then Air Elementor was going to get Max Steel, but the N-Tek agents and Forge were shooting him. Then Forge commanded them to shoot him on the Orb. Then when he was shot in the Orb, Air Elementor got powerful and then he attacked them. Then Berto set some blasters, then he was shooting Air Elementor. It was working, until Air Elementor made a rock fall on the blasters. Then Berto was surprised about Air's abilities. Then Air Elementor was going to be attacked by two N-Tek Jump Jets, until Air attacked them and then Jefferson's was landing, destroyed, until Max Steel in Turbo Flight Mode, until the Jump Jet fell on top of him.

Air Elementor was attacking the N-Tek agents and Air Elementor nearly destroyed everything. Then Air Elementor also attacked Forge. Then Berto decided to bring C.Y.T.R.O to the action. Then Air Elementor kept attacking N-Tek. Then Max Steel turned into Turbo Strength Mode and he headed to Air Elementor to defeat him, then Steel told Max to take down the Orb. Then when Max was going to hit Air Elementor's orb, Air Elementor defeated him. Then Air Elementor was going to smash Max Steel with an N-Tek Tank, but then C.Y.T.R.O came and shot Air Elementor. Then Air Elementor attacked C.Y.T.R.O and Max Steel. Then C.Y.T.R.O told Max that he must take down the orb. Then C.Y.T.R.O gave Max Steel the Turbo Blaster. Then Max turned into his Turbo Base Mode and then he shot Air Elementor on the orb. Then Air Elementor fell defeated. Then Max thanked Berto, and then he said sorry of what happened to C.Y.T.R.O. Then Berto had no idea what he meant. Then Kat, Jefferson, and Max Steel looked at Forge, who was all dirty and burned. Then he ordered them to take Air Elementor with the other Elementors. Then Air Elementor's orb changed a little bit.

The Forge was asking Jefferson, Kat, and Berto how Air Elementor knew where N-Tek was located at. Then Kat said that she didn't know. Then he asked what he was after. Then Jefferson said that that part wasn't so clear. Then Berto said that he didn't knew neither.

At the N-Tek Prison, Air Elementor asked the other how they got captured easily. Then Earth Elementor reminded Air Elementor that he was also locked up like them also. Then Air said that it was part of his plan, and because of his Orb.

Then Forge was angry that no one knew anything. Then Steel was starting the fight of the questions about his life again. Then Forge was angry that Steel brought that back again. Then Forge ordered Jefferson to take Steel away.

At the N-Tek Prison, Air Elementor turned off the energy from the prison and then the prison cells were unlocked.

Jefferson had problems with Steel, who was angry and didn't wanted to leave. Then Steel shot Max. Then Max and Steel were tackling and fighting.

At the N-Tek prison, The Elementors got out of their prisons. Then Earth Elementor wanted to leave, but then Air Elementor told them that they should steal some Ultra-Links.

Max and Steel are still fighting. Then Berto, Jefferson, and Forge joined in and then they tried to help Max. Without noticing it, The Elementors were escaping. Then Kat had enough and left to get some answers.

Then when The Elementors were with the Ultra-Links, Air was telling them that they should be careful. Then Earth Elementor threw a rock at the door, then activated some little trap. Then Air Elementor blamed Earth Elementor for throwing the rock.

Then Kat was getting closer to the N-Tek Prison to get some answers.

Then Earth Elementor blamed Air Elementor for what happened, even if Air Elementor didn't do it. Then the three Elementor wanted to see what would happen if they shot a laser from their Orbs to Air and then make themselves break free. Then Air warned them that it is unknown what might also happen. Then the Elementors didn't listen, so they shot a lase from their Orbs to Air Elementor's, then Air Elementor's orb shot the top of the trap, then The Elementors were freed with the trap exploding.

Then Kat saw the N-Tek Prison dark and empty. Then she just scared by some creature she saw, then she screamed.

The scream was heard by Max, Steel, Forge, Berto, and Jefferson. Then they were on their way.

At the N-Tek Prison, Kat was still scared and then the gang came. Then the whole gang got scared by the giant beast they saw, that was coming out of the N-Tek Prison. Then Max told Berto that they would not be there to go to the summer concert. Then the giant monster, which was Ultimate Elementor, roared at the N-Tek agents.



  • When Max and Steel were slow and they were hitting the holographic hexagons, the soundtrack was Go Turbo!, which was a musical video by Cole Plante, who works for the TV series' soundtracks.
  • The title Elements of Surprise Part One, might had titled the episode because of Air Elementor, who is a new Elementor and also that he is the most powerful of The Elementors.
  • Forge Ferrus and Air Elementor must had met before.
  • The ending was a very scary part, even when Ultimate Elementor appeared.
  • Some parts of the Go Turbo! song appeared in other scenes.
  • At first, Air's orb was similar to the others', but then it changed, because Air sneaked in something to N-Tek.
  • The scene when Air Elementor attacks N-Tek was edited and reused on the first trailer of Season 2. Instead of featuring Air Elementor, Metal Elementor appeared roaring and launching a rock on N-Tek's forces.
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