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Season 1, Episode 15
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Driven is the fifteen episode of the Max Steel (2013 TV Series). In this episode, Max has a new car, but doesn't notice that there is something in the car. Then Extroyer wants his package, which is in the car. Then Extroyer's Henchmen kidnapped Sydney, if Maxwell McGrath doesn't gives to Extroyer his package. This episode was written by Rich Fogel and directed by Logan McPherson & Gino Nichele. This episode was aired on August 31, 2013.


In this episode, Vin and Dwayne (Extroyer's Henchmen) are being followed by the police, because they stole something from a science lab. Then Vin and Dwayne hide in a pre-owned car lot, thinking it was a parking lot. Then they left the package in the car.

The next morning, a man named Klean Kal, owner of the pre-owned car lot was visited by Maxwell McGrath and Kirby Kowalski, who wanted to buy a car for Max. Then Kirby said that the place is fine.

In a hideout in Copper Canyon, the evil Extroyer, wanted his package by tomorrow, or that Vin and Dwayne will meet their old friend again, Extroyer Black Tiger.

At the pre-owned car lot, Kirby is helping Max to pick his first car. Then Steel was talking with Max, when Kirby was distracted. Max was telling Steel that it will be the first he will pick up Sydney Gardner to a real date with her. Then Klean Kal came and then he presenting to them the cars he had.

In the street, Vin and Dwayne are both going back to the place they left their car, but then Dwayne went to buy a Hot Dog.

Klean Kal was presenting the cars that he had, which were old, unfunctionable, and also they were very expensive. Then he told Max about a car that costed six grands, but Max told him he only had six hundred.

Dwayne got his Hot Dog, then Vin came and then he took Dwayne, then Dwayne said to Vin that he was coming.

At the Pre-Owned Car to, Kirby saw a car that looked functionable to him. Then he asked Klean Kal about the car. Then Klean Kal got inside the car, then he found the car keys. Then Kal wanted Max to make him an offer for the car. Then Max didn't want to go buy it, then Klean Kal was talking to him about him and a special girl next to him.

Then Max had a daydream of him and Sydney in the car, in Max's new car. Then Steel is in the front of the car, then he gets dirty with seaweed.

Then he laughed about his daydream, then he told Klean Kal that he will take the car. Then Klean Kal and Max made a deal of selling it for six hundred dollars. Then Klean asked Max who was the girl. Then Max told him Sydney Gardner.

Then Vin and Dwayne were coming, then without noticing it, their car was taken away by Max. Then when Vin and Dwayne went in the "parking lot", then the car wasn't there. Then they saw someone driving it away from the "parking lot". Then Dwayne told Vin that it wasn't a parking lot, it was Pre-Owned Car Lot. Then Vin told Dwayne that they will find it. Then they entered the Pre-Owned Car Lot and then Klean Kal was telling them about his sale, then he noticed that they were angry, then they got closer to Klean Kal, angrily and eager to get answers of the car that belonged to them.

In Max's new car, Kirby asked Max why he was driving with the floor mats on the wheel. Then he told him that he liked to feel. Then Steel told Max that they still haven't fixed his Turbo Touch Problem, then Max told him to tell him about it. Then Kirby heard what he said, then he asked about what he had to tell him. Then Max told him that how well he is driving. Then a truck came, which was about to crash Max's car, but he moved, then Max noticed that the floor mats fell off of the wheel. Then the car was Turbo overloading, then Kirby noticed that and then he asked him what was that. Then Max told him it was his car being fried. Then the car got wild, but then Steel told Max to get the hand brake. Then Max stopped the car by listening to Steel's orders, before he crashed someone. Then Kirby told him that they must had taken a driving test.

Then a public bus came and then Kirby apologized Max about his car. Then Max told him that he could fix it. Then Kirby left. Then Max was worried that he will destroy any car he touches, because of that Turbo Touch Problem. Then Steel told Max that they both should call a friend.

At N-Tek, Max and Steel told Roberto 'Berto' Martinez if he would fix Max's car. Then Berto told them he would, but that where he will start.

Outside of Max's apartment, Vin and Dwayne (Who had a car from the Pre-Owned Car Lot) were waiting for Max to come out of the apartment, so they could take the car back with the package. Then Vin saw a woman come, who was Molly McGrath, then he guessed that he must be Max's mom. Then Dwayne came out of the car and then he wanted to take her away. Then she was defeating Dwayne. Then Vin came out to help his partner, but he was also defeated. Then they left Molly McGrath alone.

Then Vin and Dwayne (Who were driving in their car) were very scared of Molly. Then Dwayne said that she was more dangerous than the tiger Mr. Winter warned them about. Then Vin told him to not remain him that. Then the car was stopped and then Extroyer Spider was attacking the car in an alley Then he caught Vin and Dwayne in his web, then he explained to them that his name was Extroyer now. Then he turned back into Extroyer and then he asked them where the thing he ordered to them was. Then Vin and Dwayne told him that they had it, but a kid took it. Then Extroyer told them that he didn't wanted excuses, he wants what belongs to him, which will make him into ' The True King of the Beasts '. Then he ordered them to bring him what he wanted. Then the screen zooms in, facing Extroyer's face.

At Max's Apartment, Max and Steel came in and then they greeted Molly. Then Max noticed the scratch on Molly's shirt shoulder, then Max asked about that. Then Molly told her it was nothing. Then Molly asked him how it was going. Then Max told her that he bought a car. Then Molly was surprised (Angrily). Then Steel left. Then Max told his mom that he must now have his own set of wheels. Then also that tomorrow, Max will have his driver's exam, then she asked him if it was safe. Then he told her that Berto is fixing it as they speak. Then Molly thought of it unsafe.

At N-Tek, Max and Steel came and then Berto present it to Max and Steel. Then he told him that he has a Turbo Cycle, but he made the car into a Turbo Car, so he installed to it a Turbo Interface. Then Steel got Ultralinked to the car, then the car turned into the mighty Turbo Car. Then Berto told Max about what the Turbo Car had. Then Max saw a button, which he presses and then accidently, the Turbo Car shot C.Y.T.R.O, who was near the Turbo Car. Then Steel told Max that they shouldn't do that in the driver's exam. Then the screen zooms in the backseat, zooming inside it, with the package in view.

At Copper Canyon High School, Vin and Dwayne are outside, waiting for Sydney to come out of the school. Then they identified Sydney. Then Vin kidnapped Sydney, and took her to the car. Then the car lefts.

In Copper Canyon, Max and Steel are both in Max's car. Then Max is trying to call Sydney, but he tells Steel that she wouldn't answer. Then Max was worried that Sydney wouldn't answer. Then Steel told him to concentrate on the driver's exam first and his big date second. Then a man came in the car, then Steel hided. Then the man introduced himself as Mr. Jones. Then Max started to drive. Then Mr. Jones was taking notes about how Max was doing. Then Max's cell phone rang. Then Mr. Jones was starring at Max, then Max found out that it was Sydney. Then he answered and then he told him that he was in the middle of his driver's exam. Then she told him that he was kidnapped by two men that said that he (Max) has something they want, and then the call cuts. Then Mr. Jones, who was asleep, woke up and then he was confused about what happened. Then Steel hits Mr. Jones on the head and then his glasses falls off. Then Mr. Jones couldn't see. Then Steel got Ultralinked to the car and turned it into the Turbo Car. Then Steel found Sydney's coordinates of where she is heading. Then Max was in his way.

In Vin's and Dwayne's car, Vin took Sydney's phone away and Sydney tries to get it away from him. Then Dwayne saw Max Steel, who was in his Turbo Car. Then Dwayne tried to lose Max Steel. Then Dwayne moves the car to the other side. Then the Turbo Car was still following him. Then Mr. Jones reminds Max about the speed limits. Then a truck was in front of Max, but he jumped. Then he asked Mr. Jones if he was okay, but then he saw him asleep. Then in an alley, the car threw a trash bin and then the Turbo Car destroyed it. Then Dwayne thought he was defeated, but then appeared again. Then he drove fast and then the Turbo Car was seen by the news reporter. Then Steel told them that they shouldn't be close to the news reporters, or that the same thing will happen again like last time Commander Forge Ferrus caught them. Then the Turbo Car turned into Stealth Mode and still followed the car. Then Dwayne thought they lost Max, then they entered their Secret Hideout. Without noticing, Max also entered.

In the Secret Hideout, Vin told Sydney to call Max again, but she called a pizza restaurant, then she was ordering a pizza with anchovies. Then Vin tried to take away the cell phone, but Sydney wouldn't let him. Then Dwayne commented that he hated anchovies. Then Sydney tried to escape from Vin and Dwayne, then she was caught by Dwayne. Then Max was surprised, but then he later turned into Turbo Base Mode. Then he came out of the Turbo Car and then he ordered them to let Sydney go, but then he was interrupted by Extroyer. Then Max and Steel were surprised to see Extroyer alive. Then he threw a trash bin at Max Steel. Then Extroyer jumped on top of the trash bin and then he turned into Extroyer Black Tiger. Then he told him that it was the last time he will interfere with him, then he scratches Max Steel's face.

Then Extroyer Black Tiger asked Sydney about the package her boyfriend had, that there was something in it that belongs to him. Then Max Steel turned into his Turbo Strength Mode and then he freed himself. then Max Steel ordered them to free Sydney, or that they will suffer the consequences. Then Extroyer Black Tiger held Sydney and told him to give him what he wanted, or that he will kill Sydney. Then Steel told Max that what Extroyer wanted is in his car. Then Max lied to Extroyer that he had it, that he took it from the kid a while ago. Then Extroyer told him to show him. So then Max Steel was looking inside the Turbo Car, what ever Extroyer was looking for and wanted. Then he saw Mr. Jones, who was still asleep. Then he found a package inside the backseat, which had like a chest, where the package was in. Then Extroyer Black Tiger smiled. Then Steel asked Max if it was wise to give Extroyer the package. Then Max told him that they had no choice, that he had Sydney with him. Then he handed to Extroyer Black Tiger, who later turned back into Extroyer the package and freed Sydney. Then Vin asked Extroyer what was inside. Then he opened it, revealing to be a Package of Animals' DNA Samples. Then he revealed that they were extracted from the world's rarest and deadliest animals that exist in the world. Then Dwayne was angry that they were just stealing a stinky science project. Then Extroyer explained to them that with them, he will not respond to no one, not Max Steel nor Miles Dredd. Then he demonstrated Max Steel his powers with a Black Cobra's DNA Sample. Then he broke the glass and then he Extroys into Extroyer Black Cobra. Then Max Steel in his Turbo Strength Mode, was backing off and told Steel that they should had not given him the package. Then Extroyer Black Cobra attacked Max Steel. Then Max Steel hide behind the trash bin Extroyer threw at him earlier, then turned into Turbo Speed Mode. Then he was faster than Extroyer Black Cobra. Then Sydney asked him how she could help. Then he told her by getting out of the place. Then Max put her in the car. Then she told him that she didn't had a licenses driver. Then Steel told her that there was no problem. Then Max Steel was later attacked by Extroyer Black Tiger, who came in and then got Max. Then Steel told Sydney that he activated a GPS to the nearest Police Apartment. Then the car left. Then he was wondering what he was doing. Then Max yelled for help, then Steel went to Max. Then they Ultralinked and then turned into Turbo Strength, then he threw Extroyer Black Cobra to the floor. Then Max Steel turned into Turbo Flight Mode, then he flew. Then Extroyer Black Cobra was going to strike Max Steel. Then he thought that he missed them, then he found out that Extroyer Black Cobra was grabbing Max Steel's legs. Then he was banging Max Steel to the floor. Then Max and Steel got separated and then Max turned into his Turbo Base Mode. Then Extroyer turned back to normal. Then he was deciding on what to turn next. Then he looked at the Polar Bear's DNA Sample, but refused to not. Then Max ordered Steel to take the wheel. Then he looked at the Harpy Eagle's DNA Sample, but also refused. Then Steel got Ultralinked to the Turbo Car. Then he decided with the Saber-Tooth Tiger's DNA Sample. Then he broke the glass and then he was Extroying into a Saber-Tooth Tiger. Then Steel drove the Turbo Car and then crashed Extroyer, who was still Extroying. Then all the glass fell on him, then Extroyed into all of them. He had problems Extroying, then he Extroyed into Extroyer Mutant, a very deformed and spiky transformation (Having the appearance of a Sewer Monster and also of a Goopaniod), then he fell on the floor, defeated. Then Max thought that they destroyed Extroyer. Then Steel told him to leave, until father time wakes up (Talking about Mr. Jones). Then they left and then the Police came. Then Vin and Dwayne decided to ditch Extroyer once and for all. Then they ditched him. Then when the Police was arriving, Extroyer Mutant woke up and then he growled and then the screen zoomed in, looking at Extroyer's face once again, meaning that he will come back again.

In Copper Canyon, Max parked his car and then woke up Mr. Jones. Then Max thought of making a remake, but then Mr. Jones told him that he did great in his driver's exam. Then Max was proud of himself.

Then Max had his driver's license and then Sydney told him about Max Steel and then a snake monster. Then he told her to tell him everything tomorrow at school. Then Steel asked Max about the date, then Max told him that he wanted to give Sydney a break for today. Then Steel told him where they were heading. Then Max told him where ever the road takes them.

In Vin's and Dwayne's car, they are very happy to ditch Extroyer once and for all. Then they said to go to Las Vegas, like they wanted since The Thrill of the Hunt.

Then the screen faces at the whole city, facing at Copper Canyon and THI.



  • This is the first appearance of Mr. Jones, Klean Kal, Turbo Car, Package of Animals' DNA Samples, Extroyer Black Cobra, and Extroyer Mutant.
  • When Max called Sydney in his driver's exam, Steel was upset and embarrassed.
  • This is the first time Vin and Dwayne finally ditched Extroyer.
  • Vin and Dwayne finally went to Las Vegas.
  • If Extroyer completely Extroyed into a Saber-Tooth Tiger, it would had been Extroyer's second feline transformation.
  • Three DNA Samples were revealed in this episode.
  • Extroyer will reappear in Scrambled, as the main Antagonist and alone.
  • The only transformation he completely Extroyed into was into a Black Cobra.
  • Extroyer Mutant was an accident that Extroyer turned into, and he didn't mean to turn into that.
  • Miles Dredd was mentioned by Extroyer.
  • Extroyer Black Cobra is Extroyer's first cold-blooded and reptile animal that he Extroyed into.
  • Extroyer refused to not turn into a Polar Bear, nor Harpy Eagle.
  • If Extroyer turned into Harpy Eagle, that would had been Extroyer's first bird and flight animal transformation.
  • Max has a cell phone, but the cell phone didn´t had a problem with Max´s Turbo Touch. It could be possible that the cell phone was made by N-Tek and was made so Max wouldn´t destroy it with his Turbo Touch.
  • Vin and Dwayne will come back in Gone Fishin'.
  • This is the second episode where Extroyer gets a new transformation.

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