Dredd Ascendant
Season 2, Episode 3
Air Date TBA
Written By Sean Jara
Directed By Trent Carlson
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Dredd Ascendant is the 29th episode of the Max Steel (2013 TV Series) and the 3rd episode of Season 2. It was written by Sean Jara, and directed by Trent Carlson.


When N-Tek is going to shut down to upgrade the systems, Ultimate Elementor attacks directly the base, while Max and Steel are trying to get answers of the Turbo Star dream.


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Important Events

Featured Characters


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    When Ultimate Elementor and Prism Link started to attack Max, the chest of him was changed to a red color instead of blue.
  • There is another Turbo Chamber which is next to the Turbo Chamber introduced in Come Together Part One. It is also a reference to the 2000 Max Steel.
  • The director (Sean Jara) was also the director of Hot Wheels: Battle Force Five.
  • When the official YouTube channel uploaded the episode, they accidentally uploaded Making the Grade instead.
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