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Dread is an action figure based in the character with the same name. It was released in 2015, and is a part of Max Steel: The Movie Line.


The figure is very similiar of the Miles Dredd of the animated series, but only the paint job and texture are different. Dread has extra paint in the head, arm, and chest, being them red strips. It has five points of articulation, and comes with one accessory.

Dread has also one gimmick, which is the same of Mega Morph Dredd, when his arms are separated, his head will transform to a transparent version, which is bigger and has black paint job, and his legs can be extended, revealing red thighs. He also comes with a red transparent part, which is adjustable in both hands, similiar to the cannon the he uses in the movie.


  • He is the relaunch of Mega Morph Dredd. They have the same gimmicks and sculpture, but are different in paint job, and the tone of the skin, while in this one, the armor is purple.
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