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Morphos Ahead

Dr. Thornhill

Max Steel Reboot Dr. Thornhill

Gender Male
Alias Thornhill
Species Human
Status Alive
Occupation Teacher
Age Unknown
Homeworld Earth
Interests Teaching his students
Weapons None
Family Unknown
Allies Maxwell McGrath
Sydney Gardner
Kirby Kowalski
Enemies None
Background Information
First Appearance Hard Water
Last Appearance TBA
Voiced By Michael Dobson
Dr. Thornhill is the science teacher of Maxwell McGrath, Sydney Gardner, Kirby Kowalski, Butch, Dean, Jake, as well among other students. He works on Copper Canyon High School. Dr. Thornhill debuted in Hard Water and is voiced by Michael Dobson.


Season 1

Hard Water

Dr. Thornhill managed to bring his students to an outing to see the blastoff of a THI spacecraft. Before the launch, Molly McGrath and Thornhill explained and saw the whole blastoff process until a giant tsunami suddenly emerged in high speed and caused havoc. Afterwards, Thornhill asked to his students leave.

Making the Grade

After some time, Thornhill reappers and says that Max was absent during most of the classes, arriving late and wasn't getting good grades. Thornhill was extremely furious with Max and his behavior suddenly changed, getting more strict and yelling a lot.

Max was in charge of creating a science project and Thornhill eventually got Steel, thinking that it was Max's science project. He loved the project and eventually sold it to Vin and Dwayne, who later would deliver it to Extroyer. Eventually, Thornhill saw Max's potential and forgave him.

Season 2



Thornhill has gray hair, brown eyes and his face have many wrinkles. He wears a orange waistcoat on a white long-sleeved shirt, black pants and brown shoes.


He appeared to be very calm and relaxed in the beginning of the series, but it turns out that he is extremely strict, bossy and "evil", mostly to Maxwell McGrath, who always comes late and have bad grades. He also constantly yells at him.


Maxwell McGrath


  • He has a secret addiction the the videogame Max Steel Turbo Warriors, and his alias Ultimate Teacher is in the top ten players.
  • In a preliminary trailer of the rebooted series, Dr. Thornhill was revealed to be originally named as Mr. Ryan. During his brief cameo, he mentions that Max constantly comes late, something that is predominantly seen on the actual series.
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