Definitely Fear the Reaper
Definetely Fear the Reaper title card
Season 2, Episode 19
Air Date November 9, 2014
Written By Thomas Krajewski
Directed By Robin Shea
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Me, Myself, and Extroyer Turbolt the Terrible

Definitely Fear the Reaper is the twenty-first episode of the second season and the forty-seventh episode of Max Steel (Series). It was directed by Thomas Krajewski and directed by Robin Shea. It aired on November 9, 2014.


Mr. Thornhill's students goes to Copper Canyon History Museum in the Halloween night and Max finds a Takonian Rock that a pair of evil Ultralinks are searching for.


Dr. Thornhill forces all the kids from Max's class to go to the museum on Halloween Night. After learning everything is closed, Dr. Thornhill gets angry and has a little talk with an employee. Meanwhile, Sydney sneaks off and convinces Max and Kirby to come along too. Meanwhile, Mega Elementor sends two Ultralinks to find the source of the T.U.R.B.O Energy source, which is a rock in the museum. The friends split up and try to scare each other, and Max and Steel discover the Turbo Rock. After a scare, Sydney creates a new game where they all compete to scare each other, making it official. Kirby sees the Grim Reapers, but Max doesn't believe him. Then Sydney is captured too. After that, after scanning the rock, Steel unlocks Turbo Spike Mode, and the two defeat the Ultralinks, snatch the stone, and free Sydney and Kirby. As they leave, the two Ultralinks rise from the floor.




Noteworthy Events

  • Max finds a Turbofied rock that contains a spike from his father's Turbo Spike Mode. After Steel analyzes it, Max unlocks Turbo Spike Mode, which he uses to defeat the Reaper Links.



  • This episode is a Halloween special. Because of that, in Latin America, it was aired out of the order.
  • In this episode, the Ultralinks actually talk while not connected to a link slave, a rarity in the series.
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