Copper Canyon Mayor

Copper Canyon Mayor

Gender Male
Alias TBA
Species Human
Status TBA
Occupation Mayor of Copper Canyon
Homeworld Earth
Interests Politics
Weapons None
Family TBA
Allies Copper Canyon Citizens
Max Steel
Enemies Morphos
Background Information
First Appearance Maximum Morphos
Last Appearance Maximum Morphos
Voiced By Brian Dobson
Copper Canyon Mayor or simply Mayor is a minor character introduced in Maximum Morphos. He is an old man who has been serving as mayor of Copper Canyon for eleven years.


Early life

Not that much information is known about his life, but eleven years ago, he was elected as the mayor of Copper Canyon.

Animated Films

Maximum Morphos

He rewarded Morphos (the town's new hero) with prizes for his heroic acts. Later on, he gave the role of mayor to the creature.

Later on, he became a victim of Morphos and turned into a beast like him. However, his mutation was later reversed back thanks to Max Steel, who gained tons of T.U.R.B.O. Energy and used it to saved the town with a Turbo Pulse. After he saw hat Morphos had done, he took back his role as mayor of Copper Canyon.



The mayor really trusted on Morphos and rewarded him with lots of prizes for his heroic actions, later even giving him the role as the mayor for Copper Canyon.


He is an elderly man who has white hair and mustache and brown eyes. He wears a white and black suit with a red tie and usually is seen wearing a black top hat.


He is responsible yet very ingenious, as seen when he gave the role of mayor to Morphos without a second thought.


  • His real name is unknown for now.
  • His design resembles the mascot of Monopoly.
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