Copper Canyon
Copper Canyon is a town and canyon that is located in the United States. Copper Canyon is half city and half canyon. Copper Canyon is located near the Pacific Ocean, which is where Extroyer drowned in Extroyer Unleashed. Copper Canyon has a beach, schools, stores, companies, and other more. Also there are villains that want to defeat a hero, Max Steel. In Copper Canyon, Max Steel is considered Copper Canyon's protector. Copper Canyon has also N-Tek and THI, two places that are fighting. THI is a big number of companies, where they make electronic devices (Used to, but they are now using technology tom save the environment, now that it is lead by Molly McGrath) and the main one, which was lead by Miles Dredd and Jason Naught, were against N-Tek. N-Tek is a secret agency. It was founded by Commander Forge Ferrus, Jim McGrath, and Miles Dredd. N-Tek has a lot of N-Tek agents and scientists. N-Tek helps to protect the Earth from dangerous villains and things (Global Warming, Pollution, Alternative Fuel Sources, etc). Max Steel also works at N-Tek. Copper Canyon was first seen in Come Together Part One.
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