Ven-Ghan's Containment spheres
Containment Spheres are Ultralink spheres used by Ven-Ghan to contain his Ultralink prisoners. They are most of the time with Ven-Ghan and he sometimes uses them as weapons. They first apppeared in Ultralink Invasion Part One.

TV Show

Season 2

Ultralink Invasion Part One

The spheres appear surrounding Ven-Ghan while talked and fought against Max Steel. Eventually, he ends up trapped on Max's Turbo Lash and he commands his spheres to knock down Max while he was distracted. He manages to capture Steel with a yellow sphere and escapes through a portal.

Ultralink Invasion Part Two


The spheres are capable of sensing other Ultralinks around to lead Ven-Ghan to them and are used to store the Ultralinks that the hunter captures. They are resistant and very heavy, as seen when one of them easily knocked down Max and restrained him while Ven-Ghan captured Steel.


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