The Connect-Tek Sword is a sword that once belonged to Maxwell's father, Jim McGrath. It debuted in Team Turbo.


Animated Films

Team Turbo

After Professor Mortum invaded N-Tek's Daedalus Platform, Jim uses the Connect-Tek sword to fight against him. Eventually, the sword's blade is broken and most of its pieces fall in the floor of the collapsing platform, while a fragment fell in a football field. It was found by Alejandro Villar, who would use it to follow Max Steel.

After the platform blew up, Max manages to invade it. He sees the handle of the sword and grabs it. The remaining pieces recombine with the sword and shortly after it disappears.

Team Turbo Fusion Tek


When Terrorax and Team Terror invade the room where his Terror Energy Generator was located, the Connect-Tek Sword can be seen.


The sword features Connect-Tek technology, which means that if it is destroyed, it can simply reconfigure itself. The sword is highly resistant and can split itself into two thinner swords.



  • This sword gained a toy with light-up features and sounds. It was also relaunched in 2017 with a different paint job, this time black, green, and black.
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