Connect-Tek is a subline introduced in 2015. Each action figure residing in this sub line have many hex ports (generally in the forearms, back and legs) that can hold many different kinds of weapons. The line was continued in 2016 and even a device with the same name was introduced in the show in the same year.


The action figures in this line are practically the same compared to these of the other sublines, but they are different due to the hex ports that they have, usually present in the forearms, legs and back. There are figures that have more accessories ports than usual, such as Saw Ripper Dread and Aqua Armor Max and sometimes the accessories also have hex ports. Figures with larger proportions, such as the villains or Max's modes, usually have more.

In 2016 and subsequent years, the toy line continued and now almost all figures have Connect-Tek ports.

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  • Previously, all the packages from this toy line had an illustration of Max using an unknown mode equipped with many weapons, whetever it was a villain or not. In the second half of 2015 however, the illustrations were changed back to represent their respective toys.
  • There are few accessories in this line that aren't compatible with any other figures, like Ocean Mutant Extroyer's shark head.
  • In the end of 2015, Mattel released a infomercial of Connect-Tek line.
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