In Latin America and once at US, Burger King has given Max Steel toys twice.

List of Toys


Max Steel and Polly Pocket on Burger King - 2016
In November 2016, a set of four Max Steel toys were given alongside with four toys of Polly Pocket. Max Steel's toys included: a Turbo Base Mode mask, a inflatable Turbo Strength Mode hand, a Steel link port and a watch.


MH MS-US-Panel NowAvailable
In October 2017, the restaurants of Burger King in US and a part of Latin America were giving Max Steel toys, this time based on the hero's new green energy and consisting in a small set of three toys. The toys include: Max Steel (coming with few pieces that attach to his body to simulate him generating the new Green T.U.R.B.O.), Metal Elementor with a spinning blade, and lastly, a Exo-Suit vehicle.


Burger King Março 2018 - Max Steel
In March 2018, Burger King gave out a set of three Max Steel toys based on the promotion of the last year. It included a Turbo glove that glowed in the dark, an action figure of Max with a surfboard and another action figure of him with wings. According Mattel's Brazilian Newsletter, the promotion was available in 710 restaurants and was available until the fortnight of April.
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