Max Steel Reboot Black Cobra's DNA Sample
The Black Cobra's DNA Sample is one of the DNA sample that was revealed by Extroyer, to be inside the Package of Animals' DNA Samples. This DNA sample is the DNA of a Black Cobra, which Extroyer uses first to turn into Extroyer Black Cobra, which was a demonstration for Max Steel, who was there already. This DNA sample first appeared in the fifteenth episode of the Max Steel (2013 TV Series), Driven.


When the evil shape-shifting Extroyer finally has the package that his henchmen, Vin and Dwayne stole from a lab, Extroyer was going to be powerful. So to demonstrate to Max and his (Extroyer's) Henchmen, Extroyer Extroyed into a Black Cobra.


In this episode, Extroyer's Henchmen had stolen a package from a lab. Then when Max Steel gives to Extroyer the package, he reveals that it was a package with animals' DNA samples. Then to demonstrate it to everyone, he used the Black Cobra's DNA sample and then he extroys into Extroyer Black Cobra.


  • This DNA sample was the first one that Extroyer used.
  • When Extroyer Extroys into Extroyer Black Cobra, he breaks the glass and then he Extroys into a Black Cobra.