Axel (1).png

Gender Male
Alias TBA
Species Human
Status TBA
Occupation Jason Naught's henchman (formerly)
Age Adult
Homeworld Earth
Interests TBA
Weapons TBA
Family TBA
Allies Jason Naught (formerly)
Enemies None
Background Information
First Appearance Live by the Sword
Last Appearance TBA
Voiced By Michael Daingerfield

Axel is a minor villain introduced in Season 1. He worked a couple of times for Jason Naught as his lackey for dirty work. Axel debuts in Live by the Sword and is voiced by Michael Daingerfield.


Season 1

Live by the Sword

Axel appears questioning about a sword to a vendor, who at first denies about its existence until he mentions about its legend. Axel notices yet their conversation is interrupted by Kirby, who sees some weapons and accidentally attacks the henchman. He gets angry and takes the weapon out from Kirby's hand and tells him that the boot was closed. He closes the tent's curtains and continues to talk with the vendor, who warns to him about the power of the sword, yet he ignores and starts to trash the place in order to find it.

Axel goes back to an abandoned warehouse where Naught is waiting. He comes back with two backpacks full of weapons, claiming that he hadn't retrieved the sword yet Dread would be happy with what he had gotten. Angry, Jason tells that this doesn't concerns Dread and commands Axel to find the sword.

After Murakami is unleashed, Axel sees him being chased by Max Steel and contacts Naught, who tells him to start the second phase of their plan. Jason eventually manages to capture the ninja and Axel congratulates him. He tells him to take control of the ship while he attempts to remove the sword from Murakami, but to no avail. The ninja awakes and starts to destroy the ship, causing it to go down. Shortly before, Axel leaves.

X Marks the Spot

Axel was tasked to find a signal from the N-Tek transmitter, but to no avail. After Max and Steel activate the device, a signal emerges and Axel, along with Jason and an army of Dread Naughts, go after the piece.

While Max and Steel were looking at the giant hotdog, Jason arrives and blows it up. Axel questions if that was necessary, of which Naught tells him that he likes to make remarkable entrances. While Naught and his army fights against Max, Axel locates the device and successfully steal the device.

They leave the place and Axel tells Naught that he had no idea what the device was doing in that car and claims that the device was theirs. Naught corrects him, telling it was his and realizes that the device had only one coordinate and commands Axel to take him there. They find a desert and commands his henchman to dig until he finds something. Axel finds a device buried and Jason attempts to retrieve it, until Dread arrives and reveals to be aware of his attempt of betrayal. Afraid, Axel decides to run away.

Season 2


While cleaning the desk, Ragnok enters the bar and meets Vin and Dwayne, who attack him after the latter's motorcycle is eaten by the alien's guana; Axel left the bar shortly before it was blown up by Ragnok.


Axel is a tall, slender man. He has dirty blonde hair, brown eyes and stubble beard. He wears a white shirt over a dark green jacket, black fingerless gloves, dark blue jeans and black shoes.




  • In Fugitive, he makes a cameo appearance working on a bar. He also met Ragnok when he visited the bar and destroyed it.
  • As of X Marks the Spot, he no longer works for Naught.


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