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Morphos Ahead
Arc Productions Logo

Arc Productions' former logo used in 2016.

Jam Filled Toronto, formerly known as Arc Productions and Starz Animation, is a Canadian animation and visual effects studio based in Toronto, Ontario. After Nerd Corps Entertainment was bought by DHX Media, Arc Productions started to animate the movies for Mattel.

Recently, Arc Productions was closing due to bankruptcy, but Jam Filled made an agreement to acquire the company's assets. Eventually, the company renamed itself once again and now is named "Jam Filled Toronto". Since the beginning of 2016, Jam Filled Toronto is in charge of animating the new movies of Max Steel. So far, two movies were animated by the company, being those Team Turbo, released on spring 2016, specifically on March, and Max Steel: Team Turbo Fusion-Tek, released on autumn 2016, specifically on September. Both films were also directed by Sam Chou.

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